Learn how an ODAF solution can revolutionise your data strategy, turning insights into actionable value for your organisation.

We have spent years refining a solution that helps organisations use their data to grow revenue and increase profits. This solution, the Outsourced Data Analytics Function (ODAF), can be seamlessly integrated into any organisation to drive financial success and strategic growth.

Real-World Example

Consider the transformative journey of a listed mining company, anonymised as MiningCo. Struggling with high overtime costs and inefficient use of their $250 million fleet of vehicles, MiningCo sought a solution to streamline operations and enhance productivity. An outsourced data analytics solution addressed these challenges head-on.

By leveraging advanced people analytics, they integrated various disconnected systems, improving attendance and reducing unnecessary overtime. The results were remarkable: an estimated $5 million in annual savings from reduced overtime and a 20% improvement in vehicle utilization. These benefits were driven by enhanced data analytics that provided actionable insights, leading to better decision-making and operational efficiency.

The project not only delivered substantial cost savings but also established a solid foundation for MiningCo’s future data analytics initiatives. With improved data accuracy and reliability, MiningCo is now positioned to leverage these insights for ongoing operational excellence and strategic growth. This real-world example underscores the tangible value and strategic advantages that the right data analytics solution can bring to organizations, turning data into a powerful asset for financial success.

A Proven Approach to Data Analytics

Drawing from my extensive experience and the insights in my upcoming book, “Accelerate Your Data Value Confidently,” our team has developed ODAF to tackle the most common data challenges organisations face. Here is how it works:

  • Plan & Prioritise: A team of expert data strategists will work with you to create a detailed roadmap. They help you identify and prioritise opportunities, ensuring that you tackle the most impactful projects first.
  • Forecast Value & Measure Success: Together, you will define clear measures of success. The strategists and delivery managers will track progress, providing regular updates and detailed reports to keep stakeholders informed and confident.
  • Setup & Manage Your Technical Data Platform: The team takes care of the technical setup, configuration, and ongoing management of your data platforms, ensuring that you have the right technology in place for optimal performance.
  • Data Engineering & Consolidation: Using industry best practices, they will consolidate your data from various sources, creating a cohesive and manageable data environment.
  • Produce Insights: The team builds advanced analytics models, visualisations, reports, and dashboards. These tools are designed to uncover valuable insights and present them in a way that’s easy to understand and act upon.
  • Integrate Value-Generating Actions: Based on the insights generated, a data value architect will provide assurance of value realisation by integrating actionable recommendations into key business processes to drive revenue growth and cost savings directly. The data value architect will ensure that insights drive tangible value.
  • Recognise Value: The outcomes and value generated are regularly tracked and reviewed, ensuring that the energy and support for your data initiatives remain strong.

Addressing Common Challenges

The ODAF is designed to address several key pain points that organisations often face:

  • Disconnected Analytics: Many organisations struggle to connect their data efforts to real business outcomes. ODAF delivers value based on a clear strategy that ensures your data initiatives are aligned with business goals, unlocking the full potential of your data.
  • Tech Overwhelm: The fast pace of technological change can be daunting. ODAF provides experts who will remove the burden from your shoulders, helping you stay ahead without feeling overwhelmed by constant updates and new tools.
  • Lack of Direction: Without a roadmap, it’s easy to feel lost. ODAF provides clear guidance, ensuring that every step of your data journey is purposeful and effective.
  • Data Complexity: Managing vast amounts of data can be confusing and frustrating. ODAF uses best practices in data engineering and data management to create a streamlined, efficient data environment.
  • Insufficient Support: Many organisations lack the necessary support from shared services like IT. ODAF ensures you have the collaboration and resources needed for successful data projects.

Realising the Benefits

Implementing ODAF brings significant benefits:

  1. Enhanced Business Value: By aligning data initiatives with business goals, you’ll see a tangible impact on your organisation’s performance and growth.
  2. Competitive Edge: With a well-implemented data strategy, you can make better decisions, anticipate trends, and respond quickly to market changes, maintaining a leading position in your industry.
  3. Empowered Leadership: With expert support, your leadership team will navigate the data landscape with confidence, fostering a culture of informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

By embracing ODAF, you can expect transformative changes in how your teams use data to make decisions, improving your financial results.

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Written by Karl Dinkelmann CA(SA). Karl is the CEO of Nexus Data, and a visionary leader in business and data analytics strategy. With nearly two decades of experience, Karl has spearheaded transformative initiatives for global organisations, including Nestle, AIG, Dimension Data and several others. His consulting work has led to clients generating multiple millions of dollars in value, and the establishment of class-leading data functions. Karl’s strategic vision empowers organisations to unlock accelerated
business value from their data.