We offer

Personalised advisory services

We provide personalised advisory services to be able to deliver an all-encompassing data solution delivery strategy, business framework and governed technical platforms that result in achieving high-value objectives.

Data Leadership and Data Investment Consulting

Our data leaders & executives provide guidance based on their many years of experience establishing and leading successful data teams to create exceptional business value.

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Data Trust & Governance Consulting

Our data trust process model enables the implementation of relevant data governance processes that create real business value. Our phased approach to technology implementation reduces investments significantly.

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Data Architecture and Engineering

We consist of highly skilled data architecture & engineering professionals with proven success in implementing large-scale governed data platforms, supporting the delivery of high-value business objectives through analytics.

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Data Solutions Delivery

Our process-first delivery approach provides predictable turnaround times and reduces time-to-value. We build integrated solutions that produce trusted analytics for business decision-making.

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Data Demand Management and Project Management

We guide data teams to reduce the “noise” and hone their focus on delivering only on true business priorities; predictable timelines, on-time delivery and an agile mindset are at the core of our approach.

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With the resources we provide, you will be empowered to

scale your investments, make informed decisions and own your data journey,

without being dependent on external support.

We work closely with you to ensure that you are empowered to own your data journey, enabling you to scale and grow without the constraints of working alongside an external consultant for years to come.

Make confident decisions using your data solutions

Run multiple delivery streams in parallel

Prove value quickly while establishing a strong foundation of processes

Reduce costs of maintaining and adapting your data solutions

Scale your investments

Reduce costs of maintaining and adapting your data solutions

Scale your investments

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Our Successes

  • 2022

    Data Strategy for a leading Payment Platform to accelerate its growth.
  • 2021

    IFRS 17 Data Governance for one of South Africa’s largest insurance companies.

  • 2020_2

    Data Strategy for the Largest FMCG group in the world.

  • 2018_6

    Sales & Stock Analytics Solution for Tier 1 ERP on entirely Cloud-Based Infrastructure for a Retail & Distribution Group of R1 billion per annum.

  • 2018_4

    Real-Time Time & Attendance Analytics Solution addressing R120 million per annum over time overspend for a Mining Group of R4 billion per annum.

  • 2018_3

    Data Strategy for a Mining Group of R4 billion per annum.

  • 2018_2

    Data Governance & Data Quality Processes established in a $4 million 3-year project for a Global Insurer of $25 billion per annum.

  • 2018

    Data Strategy adopted by a Listed Waste Management Group.

  • 2017

    Data Strategy adopted by a Technology Group of R80 billion per annum.

  • 2016_3

    Customer Reconnections Analytics Solution saving R100 million in unnecessary infrastructure investment for a Media & Entertainment Group of R26 billion per annum.

  • 2016_2

    Revenue Assurance Analytics Solution automating the identification of R1.2 billion per annum in missing revenue for a Media & Entertainment Group of R26 billion per annum.

  • 2016

    Global Financial Markets Data Warehouse optimising deals of over R100 billion for a Big Four South African Bank.

  • 2013

    Leasing Financial Modelling and Analytics Solution for a large Fleet Management Group.

  • 2011

    IAS 17 Finance Lease Business Intelligence Solution for a large Equipment Leasing Company.