A core group of

Passionate data advocates

Nexus Data is made up of a core group of passionate data advocates who started our journey together when we identified an opportunity to provide a service that the market was missing.

Following successful careers working in data analytics and business intelligence, we noticed a gap in the market: providing data solutions that can actually scale with your business needs, don’t require excessive maintenance once established, are standardised and well-governed, and solve real problems while delivering high value.

We set out to build scalable, highly agile data solutions that could deliver trusted data to meet high-value business objectives, while never wavering in our love for what we do, or compromising on the integrity of our work. Our considered and personalised approach soon meant we were partnering with some of the largest organisations in the world to accelerate their growth while streamlining their processes, with proven success.

Experienced Data Leaders & Executives

We have strong capabilities in executive consulting and data team leadership.

Data Analysts & Report Developers

Our team is supported by our methodology for accelerated data solution delivery.

Data Engineers

We have strong capabilities in the automation of data warehousing, integration and consolidation.

Data Project Managers

We have a proven methodological approach and specialisation in technical and data projects.



Heinré Feyt

Data Solutions Delivery

Francois Senekal

Data Operations

Lize Combrink

Data Solutions Delivery

Dian Germishuizen

Senior Data Operations

Frenchy Germishuizen

Head of Operations
and PMO

Frans Germishuizen

Head of Data Operations

Toinette Barnard

Delivery Lead, Data
Solutions Team

Karl Dinkelmann

Chief Executive

Peet Horn

Director: Data Consulting

Sylvia Havenga 

Junior Project Administrator

Ronelle Badenhorst

Chief Marketing Officer